Pink Floyd’s _Dark Side of the Moon_

“The 3 P’s: Pink Floyd, Pepsi and Physics”

That’s was my cute redhead friend said my freshman year at college. I’d run into him in the cafeteria, and had to get his attention away from his headphones.

This is the 30th anniversay of Dark Side of The Moon. I’d never sat down and listened to the whole album before.

But my cute boyfriend (not redheaded) came over with a newly remastered Super Audio CD, and we sat and listened to it the whole way through.

I asked him, “What’s it about?”

He said, “Nobody knows exactly. Everyone gets something different. That’s why it’s popular.”

I was suspicious, because I’ve never been impressed with the kind of music you’re supposed to be stoned to really ‘get.’

I liked it. It was evocative, and set my mind free to ponder what the music suggested. It worked in the same way that a classical music concert makes me think, too.

It’s nice that the lyrics or soundbites are not too rooted in current events, so that it doesn’t date itself.

I enjoyed the way the music flowed, without interruption between the songs. It was an entire experience, like a recorded concert.

I think it’s a work of art. Chris left the CD over here; I’m gonna listen to it again.

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