power of Bhangra

Has anybody heard this single?

It kicks ass!

It’s a jacked-up remix of SNAP’s “I got the Power.” I’ve been encountering it on the radio a couple times, and it forced me to spend an hour searching for it on amazon. Well, I found it faster than an hour, I had to spend more time looking for music like it.

One single is not enough. I wanted more of the funky Indian-sounding stuff.

Turns out its Bhangra. This is something that a friend of mine had raved about some years ago, but I somehow had never actually heard. This friend is also into bellydancing, so maybe that’s where she was introduced to it.

Now that so much music is sampled and looped, things can sound awfully mechanical. But the lush organic sounds of the indian vocals and instruments that are so new to me are really exciting.

2 thoughts on “power of Bhangra

  1. Yes. It certainly does rather rock.

    Bhangra as a musical genre has been going for about 20 years: a mix of Asian trad (mostly rhythmic) and hip-hop. It gets into clothing and lifestyle as well.

  2. Bhangra as a genre of music has been aroud for a lot longer that the 20 yrs the previous guy says.
    It originated from the Punjab region of India and its a dance and music that was done by Indian farmers. Lyrics in Punjabi. There are loadsa great Hindi music tracks out there also. Im not quite sure where the guy got his info about Bhangra getting into clothing and lifestyle though.
    Pls dont flame.