Kabuki Dancer by Sawako Ariyoshi

This book tells the story of Okuni, the woman who started the tradition of Kabuki dancing. I know nothing about Kabuki dancing. I couldn’t pick a Kabuki dance out of a line up. I’m sure I would have gotten more out of the book if I had known about Kabuki.

But even so, the story is a really great story about staying true to yourself and to what you know. I mean, a lot of stories are out there about “Doing the right thing.” But when it’s an asthetic choice, there are not such strong guidelines. The difficulty of staying true to what you FEEL and know in your heart to be beautiful and right, that is worth a lot.

Beauty and dance are very important in life. They are the sorts of things that make life worth living. Okuni’s life is inspiring, to stay true to herself and her art.

One thought on “Kabuki Dancer by Sawako Ariyoshi

  1. You know Murphy
    I’ve seen Kabuki dancing. I don’t know where or why. I remeber that I found it both boring and abrasive. And odd combination correct? I think prehaps because it so stylized it was difficult to enjoy. It now simply floats like a bubble rising to the surface of my brain once and a great while.
    It’s more notable for me that I don’t remeber why I saw it at all. I just know that I did.