Man, I haven’t written a thing in my blog all week.

Sometime, it’s just too much.

I had to do a review (actualy two reviews, but who’s counting?) for the newspaper I write for. Now, to tell you the truth, I am really happy that I write for this paper, although I have some feelings of ambivalence about it’s quality. Even so, I feel like my ambitions are still burning when I have this place I write for.

BUT IT WAS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to write the review. It’s not that hard to do, normally. I just have felt under so much pressure. I felt completely incapacitated, like I oculdn’t write One single word. A sentence was too much.

“What?” you, my dear reader may ask. “You’ve just popped out several paragraphs right now, without a single whiff of agony.”

Indeed. This blog has no pressure at all. No discipline is required. There are more kinds of writing than one.

I finally finished the review, and it was a scanty one. I said nice things, but i just couldn’t quite hit the 400 word mark.

Isn’t journalism supposed to be concise?

Yikes. Well, I did finish it, and I did get the main points across. Some times, even doing the things you love, takes more effort than you can muster. Now that I’ve finished it, maybe i can beat back some of the panic that seemed to be overtaking me about all the things I have to do.

I think I am looking forward to january already. I think some things will ease off. I sure hope so.

Well, I will get through it. I’ll be stronger for it too.

One thought on “WRITING

  1. I am not only a fellow blog writer (and used to use MT) but also an up and coming journalist). How did you get your start in Journalism, what paper do you write for, and do you have any tips?


    P.S. Feel free to visit my page.