physical limitations

Is it just my stupid job? Or is it the whole of life?

This is what I learn from the eggheads. It’s true, I’m not kidding.

If I start out at Point A. A dot, a spot, a point of beginning. I determine that I want to get from Point A to Point B.

No problem, right? I can see how simple it is. I set my course for a straight line between A and B.

But the eggheads chime in again. There are an INFINITE number of points between point A and point B.

NO END, EVER EVER EVER to all the stopping places on the way between my start and my goal.

and me…I want to stretch my strong motion muscles and go fast and full speed to B

I want to B!

Wait, no, wait. There is a reason I must stop. And as I resolve that stop, then another appears.

and they never end.

This is a law of physics. An infinite number.

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