Things I must do this weekend

* Vaccuum
* get my car’s oil changed
* backup my computer hard drive
* lose 20 pounds

okay, the last one is just being hopeful. There is no way I can lose 20 pounds in one weekend. But if I were to lose 20 pounds, or at least start on it, maybe my list should include:

* spend 4 hours at the gym both saturday and sunday
* clean cupboards of all food and replace with liquid meal replacement supplements

Is that likely to happen? Absolutely not. In fact, maybe I should include another thing

* make a pot of healthy vegetable soup to snack on throughout the week
* buy new sports bras, since the last ones are losing their spring

Let me tell you, sport bras with elasticity of steel are vital for a good workout regimen. I wear two, because I want no bounce whatsoever and the least amount of jiggle I can manage. That takes two very snappy sport bras. Which are hard to find, because the bottom part that goes around the chest is a tourniquet and the part that goes around the actual shelf is not tight enough. You’d think that BRA makers of all people would want to protect my assets. It’s tough.

But actually, which of these will get done? maybe I should be realistic about my list of things to do this weekend. What will I actually do?

* eat bag of salt and pepper potato chips
* watch psych and rockford files on Tivo
* take hot bath
* Stay in bed late and giggle with Chris about silly things

That sounds pretty good. I’m sure I’ll be able to do that.

Maybe if I substitute the potato chips for a bowl of airpopped popcorn, that would be perfect.

Weekends seem to be so full of promise, and yet so little gets accomplished in the end.