Dispatched my civic duty

I finished deliberating in my first jury duty experience. Guilty.

The guy pushed his pregnant wife, holding their two year old, over a freeway bridge.

Pushed her once, she screamed, and he pushed her agian to finish the job. 34 feet down onto big rocks that surrounded the train tracks.

The unborn baby died. The mom and two year old survived.

Horrifically, the mother testified that the man did not mean to do it.

I was the foreperson for the jury. The ONE thing I had determined I would not do, and then I did become foreperson.

We deliberated for about a day, making 9 different decisions on 4 counts.

It was hard.

But the bad guy is going to jail-for attempting to murder his wife, for attempting to murder his two-year old, for murdering his unborn baby, and particularly because this was domestic violence and child-abuse.

I’ve been in this case since wednesday. I’m happy that we are done, and now I can sleep.

Last night, I woke up thinking of the dark walk up the cold overpass.

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