I have a picture in my head. If I were less sleep deprived, and my head hurt less, maybe i could make a pretty poem out of it.

But I am what I am now, so I just want to write it down before I forget.

Our brain, or consciousness is like a window pane.

People, as we encounter them, are moists masses that hit the glass. They hit the glass, and slide or fall off. They areĀ  gone, but as the process repeats some pieces stick. They stick and form a pattern on the glass.

So, these residues acrue and form a shape. We look out the window, but even if there is nothing there, the shape of all the previous encounters is seen.

Even if a new person comes into view, they are still obscured by the residue of the previous encounters.

Through a glass darkly.

But how do we clean the glass? How do we clear off the residue?

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