5 am on the weekend again

Once again she woke us up at 5AM …like she did yesterday.

She was a little better this time, because she was cheerfully loud. Not wailing.

Nevertheless, it remains that the sun rose, and her entire clothing set needed to be changed twice by 6:15

So we are going to go to McDonald’s playland and get some breakfast. And I am going to get some coffee.

Chris is going to sleep.

I wish that i could quietly discover if any other local moms where having a morning like mine and wanted to meet me at the Playland on Foothill.

But i haven’t found a way to do that…Maybe I should find a sort of stealth texting tree mechanism:

‘Psst! Are you having a Morning as well? I’ll be at the playland in 15. And I promise she’ll be in PullUps this time! No puddles.”

Those cinammon chunky muffin thingys they have are tasty

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