first back-to-school night

Okay, it’s back-to-preschool night.

Veronica has started going to preschool for a full 5-day schedule only for the last few weeks. Maybe it is the stress of this full-time schedule. Maybe it is a developmental phase.

But she’s become very sensitive and clingy. Chris says that she really wants mommy. But I think she always wants mommy.

I don’t know. I spend every minute at home with her–while she’s awake. So. I’m doing what I can.

But she was not enthused about going BACK to school last night. I had to repeat to her that this was a special party and that mommy and daddy were going to stay. SHe wanted to hang on to daddy. Which was fine with me. I wanted to go introduce myself to some specific parents.

One little darling girl was frequently mentioned, and now that I was there for a bit of time, I could see why. She zipped around in the same speeds that Veronica liked. I introduced myself to her mom and told her that Veronica mentioned her little girl with fondness.

But there was another tow-head boy I needed to find the parents of. Veronica mentioned this one with a special giggle. She’s over it now, but I swear she had a crush on this older boy. He’s FOUR. She mentioned his name without prompting, which was not true of any of the other kids. I asked the teacher which one he was after this startling interchange. They said he had been helping her out with some special attention.

I really wanted to tell his parents about this. If he were MY kid, I’d think the story was adorable. Of course, this kid might be a force to reckon with. Whenever I saw him, he was working on some project…Creating a river out of the sand and water from the wading pool. Teacher says  “Don’t take the water!” he ignores her. He has WORK to do.

The school was impressive. They had all kinds of projects they’d been working on for this back-to-school night, and they amazed me with when they had helped my kid to learn and do. I almost didn’t believe that they had managed it!


But it was really fun.

Chris said we have two more decades of back-to-school nights.

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