Shouting can take longer than you think

There was a post…how many days ago? it seems so long ago.

I posted “It’s all over but the shouting.”

Shouting takes longer than I would have expected. I finally closed escrow on my new Claremont home. I will have the keys tonight.

WHAT a lot of drama. Oh my goodness. All this back and forth and this crisis and that mislaid something or other has convinced me of one thing:

I do not want to make my living with real estate.

No thank you. There are too many things outside the sphere of your control in real estate. NOT my comfort zone.

I am quite happy to take on systems with lots of layers of complexity. I like to dig deep and thoroughly learn the systems so that I can quickly navigate between them all.

But, the precision factor is totally lacking in real estate. There are not enough expected outcomes. I mean, there are too many people involved.

And people are not precise.

So, leave me with my machines. I can have patience with them. But I have lost patience with the people.

And just in time. I’ve sold the one and bought the other and NOW, i just have to move all the stuff.

My whole body is a sigh of relief to have it done.

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