How to build a sandbox with wheels, for easier Ostrich travel

I’ve been saying that I like my new job, and I do. I still do even after 5 months. It’s a kinder gentler world here, and I still don’t quite believe that the candy coating is not covering some bitter pill.

But everybody seems happy, and not even creepily so. They complain about dumb stuff and behave like fairly normal people.

Yesterday, however, I heard about a new friend that had just quit. Man gathered up the pictures of his family and walked out with a wave.


He had even transferred here very, very recently, bought a home and all that. And he walked out with a wave. I am inclined to consider him a goober.

It stuns me, that dude would just leave. Isn’t it part of being a grown up, to have patience and foresight to know that the bad times are temporary and not to make hasty decisions?

If you have to leave the job, leave it on your own terms. You can’t just quit without a fight. Okay, so your boss/co-worker/customers are giving you problems. Face them! Deal with it! Come up with solutions and come out ahead.

Work problems, like automobile problems, do not go away if you ignore them. They usually pop up again at inopportune times. Catch them early.

Don’t ignore the flashing red dashboard light.

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