Dreaming of Me

“I remembered what I dreamed last night.”

I had asked him when he first woke up, as usual, but Chris couldn’t remember his dream right away.

“You did? What did you dream about, baby?”

“We were in New York for some reason, and you were there too.”

“I was with you?” I’ve never been with him the times he’s gone to New York.

“Yeah, and you came up to me and said, ‘We have to go!’ Apparently you had tickets to somewhere.”

“I did?”

“Yeah…to India.”

“India! I would love to go to India!”

“yeah, well, you wanted me to go right then, you said we had to leave in a half an hour. But we weren’t even packed! I asked you what airline the tickets were for, but you weren’t sure. And you didn’t know which airport we were supposed to leave from.”

“Wow, I was totally unconcerned.”

“Yeah, and I was trying to look it up. You knew what time it was supposed to go, and you thought it was Air India, so I was trying to look it up. And I was trying to type in Expedia, but I kept getting it wrong.”

“You were dreaming of the internet? You were dreaming that you were looking something up on the internet?”

“And I was worried that we didn’t have anything packed. I asked you how long we were going to be there. You said 14 days, or two weeks or nine days. So, I couldn’t figure out what we needed to have ready.”

“I wasn’t very helpful was I? Boy, I’m mean to you in your dreams.”


“That’s a great dream baby. I’m glad you remembered it.”


This is a special day. This is the day that the earth begins it’s change.

Up until now, 2006 has been getting lighter. Lighter and more sunshine. It has been getting slightly warmer too.

But now, NOW, the earth will get darker. More night.

Interstingly, it will get hotter for a while longer. The next 3 months should be extremely hot. Maybe 4 months.

But it will be darker.

And I think everyone should notice. I myself will be eating barbeque with Chris tonight.