So, married life is upon us.

We did not go anywhere for a honeymoon; we just wanted to be at home.

Sunday was still a lot of wrapping up, goodbyes, and getting people to the airport. Monday I woke up earlier than Chris and puttered around.

I went to wake him up later.

I crawled in bed next to him and he blinked at me. “Did you have any dreams?”

“No, I slept really well.”

“I had some dreams.”

“You did? Tell me”

“I dreamed that some hussy was all over me..”

“A hussy!”

“Yes, but I was flashing my ring at her to show I was married and she should stay away.”

“I don’t think that in real life a hussy would pay attention to your marital status.”

“Well, it was a dream. And then I had another dream with you in it.”

“With me?”

“Yeah, there was a man trying to put his hands all over you. I rushed in to protect you and beat him up. ‘Leave my wife alone!’ I said.”

“You were defending me? wow.”

He’s wonderful.

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