There was the wedding. I guess today makes it a full week that I’ve been a wife.

But there have been a couple other things vying for my attention.

So it’s been a full week.

I want to get started on changing my name:

Murphy Daley

We went to the county office about 2 months ago and got the license. Father Andrew was very good about having it filled out and signed on Saturday.

But it’s not official until we mail in the signed form. Or we could take it in personally.

So check this out…I had an idea for a good plot twist. Imagine a mystery book.

The happy couple gets married…let’s say they elope in a fit of romance.

So they are married by strangers, and witnessed by people they dont know. THey are deliriously happy, and the next day one of them goes out to take their license and make it official.

But then disappears. Leaving the other one married, but with no way to prove it

I could see this being the start of a very interesting story.

It is a weird feeling, being slightly in limbo.I guess I’m too much of an engineer…I want full legal connectivity before I start switching all the connections.

And at the same time I am eager to be the new me.

So I’ve just been calling myself Murphy