Trying to find my Van Halen CD

It’s about the wedding dance.

My FAMILY and friends are coming to my house, to celebrate my wedding.

And I get to decide what songs to play for the dancing portion of party.


i get to inflict music of my choice on everyone.

I think I’m looking forward to this more than the actual wedding.

and now right away I feel guilty.

As much as I would enjoy having a huge crowd of people just be my personal audience as I dance my huge happiness in my own house, it’s not very hositable of me to choose only music that _I_ like.

It would probably be good to pick songs that would be appealing to a broad spectrum of people.

Now, there are certain rules of thumb when trying to be hospitable to a broad spectrum of people. Here is one: Make sure that there is a vegetarian selection on the menu

Which I thought about, when choosing the spaghetti THere was a choice–meatsauce or marinara sauce. I considered that I should get the marinara sauce for the vegetarians.

I thought, hey, it’s the same price. Shame to pay equal for the no-meat marinara. But, I should be a good hostess and provide for my vegetarian guests. Be thoughtful.

So then I thought…I know all the people that are coming. None of them are vegetarian. To be real, I am getting the spaghetti for little kids who decide they don’t want lasagna, just to have an alternate for the poor parents who want to feed teh kids SOMETHING. if for some reason one of our guests has become vegetarian in the last year there wi be salad.

I mean really. I know these people. THey are the nearest and dearest, right?

which brings us back to my Van Halen CD.

I’ve never DJed before, but I’ve suffered under DJs. I want to do it right. I don’t want to do tired songs. No Hoiday from Madonna. No Macarena. Low cheese content. The cheese is in the lasagna, not on the speakers.

So what would the people want to hear?

Should I break out the Petra? Beat the System isn’t bad..

NO…No…I can’t. I respect them…The men from Petra were like the rock’n’roll life support of my teenage years. They kept me breathing…They kept the blood on the inside of my wrists.

But I’m out of intensive care and BREATHING FRESH AIR BABY!

I think my CD collection will get me pretty far before I even have to hit up the iTUnes. I’ve never hit up the ‘Tunes yet..

And there is also the beauty of the great media that is now a part of my life. When Chris moved in, and i helped unpack his CDs
and the VINYL

Such great media wealth that has enriched my life.

okay, so I get to dip my bucket deep in into the wealth well of all this gorgeous music.


okay…so I’m going to leave aside those of us who remember the days of This Means War and To Hell with the Devil

Cause, like holly golightly said, anything that happened before the age of 14 just doesn’t count

alright, what can I do to give maximum pleasure to me and my guests?

and that brings it back to that tired topic…Music sucks these days! No wonder the music industry sales are down. FERGIE?! please G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S?

just keep your london bridge one who is anyone wants to cross over

Alright, so who’ve we got?

Bryan and Karen always say that i am those guys at “night at the Roxbury”

I admit that my beloved electrionica, techno, high-energy club music isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Okay…I am adaptable. I can head bang…I can rock n Roll…

But i can’t seem to find my Van Halen CD