more wedding photos

Lots of photos from friends are trickling in.

We asked a certain sometimes altar boy to help us out with the ceremony.

I didn’t think of him as an altar boy at the time. I thought of him as a bright, artistic-type kid who might be kinda bored and might like to have something to do during the wedding, which he might consider boring

Here is a photo of Luke, taken by someone else:
He’s the kid in black, holding the camera.
I thought that was a great shot of him, even before I saw the photos he took. He’s totally alert, has his trigger finger poised on the camera.

His photos are GREAT! and I didnt even realize it, but him being an altar boy gave him a major advantage. He felt totally at home behind the altar, and he got photo angles that no one else would have.

Here’s one:


and he even got some cool arty shots:


You can check all of them out, and others, here.

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