Home Excitement

I can’t seem to find the card reader for still photos, but I promised to show what she looks like. Here is our child in an action sequence:

As I suspected would be the case, our loving family dog is very very concerned with the care and well-being of the new person in the house. She wags constantly when Veronica is visible, and will bark alarm when the child is really crying.

I’m pretty sure she doubts my competence as a parent. But here’s a glimpse:

So yesterday was the first full day home with our Daughter. It was so exciting to be home again!

She seemed to like her crib, which was good, because the alien space blanket only had a a 3-ft umbilical cord. We had to move the armchair closer to the crib just so I could move her out to feed her (Every three Hours! Or Two! or One! doctors keep telling me I’m not feeding her enough, because if I was she wouldn’t be jaundiced!)

Anyway, she was great and stayed there all day pretty much sleeping. Chris and I ran around realizing all the things that so OBVIOUSLY had to be changed now that she was here.

I meant to take a nap, but I didn’t.

So, veteran parents…you see this one coming don’t you? A classic rookie mistake.

“She seemed tired, so I just let her sleep..” all day which means that all night she is not interested in sleeping.

We had a rough night. No sleeping for anyone.

But the good news is, at our doctor visit today they said she is not jaundiced anymore and the blanket is exorcised at last.

Last night was rough, but we vowed to do better today. I have to keep the child awake for some periods during the day, or it wil just happen again. The above shots are from the ‘stay awake’ efforts this afternoon

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