Tick tock

As of now, it will be 48 hours until I arrive at the hospital to begin birthing this child.

It seems both very near and impossibly far away. I am eager to trade in these old tired uncomfortable symptoms for the new and unknown ones that come from delivering a baby.

One good thing is, I’m sleeping really well. I guess I know that I won’t be sleeping so well on tuesday night, and somehow that let me sleep for about 11 hours today. I’ll need my strength.

One fear I have is that the old tired uncomfortable symptoms will stick around to keep the new symptoms company for a while. I HOPE that my hands and feet will stop swelling the instant the delivery is over. But maybe not.

Well, it can’t start to be over until the delivery is over. So, nothing to do but wait and nap as much as possible.

One thought on “Tick tock

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