unfamiliar pain

I’ve been suffering from back pain. There are different kinds of pain. Some is overwhelming and obvious. Like a stubbed toe, there is no mistaking or ignoring the pain. It is stupid and passes leaving no trace, but is undeniable when it happens.

This back pain was not so obvious. It started out as a pain and a stiffness in my lower back. I also felt a disconnected pain in my lower shin, which turned out to be rooted in the sciatic nerve. Apparently a nerve at the top of my butt could be cause my leg to hurt.

And in my case, this swollen musculature wrenched itself around to being a pain in my shoulder and arm.

Except it didn’t feel anything like clear pain. It was more discomfort and weakness.

It didn’t have a recognizable shape. It wasn’t until it was relieved with the right pills that i realized how much pain I was really in.

I think relationships are like that, many times. Unhealthy relationships where i tell myself “oh, it’s not really that bad, I just need to stretch or rest or…”

But it is that bad. And best of all, it can be fixed. Because right now, although I feel very weak, I am SO GLAD not to be in pain. I could take some of that health logic and transfer it. That would be good.

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