so I’ve spent the last four days in bed. I have read a little. I have watched tv a lot.

Havent thought much. Haven’t written much.

Tried to call friends, but it didnt’ take. NObody answered.

So it’s just me. Feeling occasional strange achey pain. Not sleeping well. And worrying.

I would rather be doing things. But, I have to rest. So I worry. A little.

why do I worry? I should not worry. I think when one cannot do, one worries.

No, let me rephrase that: when *I* cannot do, I worry.

i cannot do much right now. So. I worry.

I dont really have anything pressing to worry about. That is a blessing. But it would be better if i had a way of storig (gtd, anyone?) my worrying to-do list for later, a way that I could trust would be there when I had the ability to do.

This is unusual.

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