Homeschool people

I go to this amazing coffee shop for open mike night. Psychobabble, in Los Feliz. GREAT forum for original work of any kind.

I shared this story about homeschool last time.

After I was done, I was kicking it with the MC, Jocelyn and some of the other writers there. I was telling Jocelyn this engrossing story.

One guy there, who had sung bluegrass that night, interrupted me. “I’m trying to Tell you!”

I stopped my story and listened to him. He is fascinating to watch, because he has a vampire fetish. His canine teeth have been replaced with fangs. Not huge, but just enough to keep you looking at his mouth when he talks.

“I homeschooled my stepson and daughter! And when you were talking about rabbits, we almost had rabbits! That could have been us.”

A homeschool parent.

Another person asked, “You got rabbits?”

“No,” he said. “My ex-wife wanted rabbits, but we were living in a van, so we couldn’t have them.”

“I’m sure your kids were perfectly adjusted,” I told him.

“It was great! We travelled around to places like NEBRASKA.”

…need I say more…?

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