iTunes and music compression on Computers

Okay, Brother Superior is telling me iTunes is the answer. He works for apple, so he has to say that…

But I am very suspicious of downloaded music. It just sounds like crap. I mean, didn’t we all move from am to fm and cassettes to CDs because it sounded better?

I find my appreciation for music is increased when it sounds good, when I can hear the nuances. Sometimes, I won’t even realize that’s why I like a song so much. THen I buy the cd and listen closely and realize that the song I keep stopping to listen to on the radio has great quality sound.

so…When I encounter the craze for MP3s, it’s like…oh man! it’s compressed, all the nuance squeezed out. I don’t want to listen to crappy recordings of music! I don’t care that I can fit thousands of songs on a player the size of a credit card. I NOTICE that it sounds bad.

But before I whip out a flame at Brother Superior for recommending the apple version of mp3s, I decided to doublecheck. This guy
thinks iTunes has the goods.

I will have to check it out. Stay tuned…