R – E – S – P – E – C – T

I try not to talk about my job very much. I try not to think about my job off the clock.

I am so much more than what I do to make money. And yet I spend more time trying to make money than I do sleeping. Big huge chunk of life-time.

This blog, and other creative things I do, is supposed to be a refuge. But there are things happening that make me think.

I think I blogged about Life of Pi. Maybe I didn’t …Anyway, dude was writing about animals in a zoo. He said, the animals needed to know where they were in their social heirerarchy so that they could feel secure and concentrate on getting food and sleeping.

Very subtle things let them know who was on top, whose roar they had to listen to, etc. And once they knew they could relax. But until then, it was first order of business.

The floor I work on has been re-organized. All the cubes are shuffling. And they are building new offices with DOORs. But those aren’t around yet.

The amount of trouble that moving should cause is much bigger than the sum of it’s visible parts.

THings are breaking, women are crying, and MANY MANY tasks on other floors require two people right now when they only took one before.

Low voiced conversations are up and down the hall.

And also, no one knows where anyone is anymore.

We’ve asked for a new floor plan.

SHH! it’s a secret.

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