problems with my itunes has me reloading the music that’s on my computer back into the player.

That is a treacherous path down memory lane. I have an odd assortment of music on the computer.

Gin Blossoms. WOW, that’s memory lane. it’s under the genre heading Alternative & Punk.

Alternative. I remember asking what that was supposed to mean.

“It’s like Heavy metal, but about how your life sucks…”

Does anyone else remember the Flannel shirt days of seattle music like me? I haven’t met anyone who does in a long time. But the GBs were from that time, and I am there again.

Nirvana can follow Cobain to wherever he went, they were never my anthems. But the Gin Blossoms, a million weird college bands never to be heard from again…They Might be Giants, Linda Perry’ screaming “WHAT”S GOING ON?” and the doc marten shod cranberries…”Do you have to…do you have to…?”

Step out the front door like a ghost into a fog
where no on notices the contrast of white on white

That slammed me in the gut..the struggle for selfhood and to be noticed in the big wide world of other people’s importance…

I remember beign grateful that huge clothing and torn jeans were in, because the homeless look was just about all I could afford at the time. I was POOR.

way poor

and then in ’95 I moved to California, and that’ about when I met Alanis. SHE let me know just how pissed off I was.

“I dont’ mean to pick you apart you see
but I can’t help it…
..all I really want is some patience..
a way to calm the angry voice…
and all i really want is deliverance”

Those were the days.

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