I apologize

I haven’t posted in a long time.

I have thoughts to share.

I just don’t have the time.

So, I had a very nice Christmas, I hope you did too.

I am wearing a lovely cable-knit hoodie sweater I recieved from my mother-in-law. MONUMENTALLY, I finally had a conversation with Chris’s brother, my new brother-in-law. Somehow, in the previous 8 years, we never quite launched a conversation. I kept hoping it would happen, thinkingn that somewhere in there was an interesting thought.

And I WAS RIGHT! My faith is justified, and that actually brings new light to all kinds of possibilities that I have been losing hope on. So that’s good.

We got a new car, while not hearing from the insurance yet about old car. Eh, I like me new car, so that’s okay.

We have also misplaced the card reader for the camera, so i can’t share a digital picture. sorry.

and I’m sorry to be so boring. I appreciate your patience, and I note that the blogs I follow are singularly boring just now, so I am giving myself slack for being unoriginal.

Peace and love to all.