It’s Thursday birth day again. She’s 22 weeks old. I’m half way through my week, and this is the first okay week I’ve had since she was born. I mean ‘okay’ in the sense that I feel okay, and that I think things are okay. Not super good, not super bad. Just okay.

Okay is a really great place right now.

As I reflect on my experience with motherhood, it reminds me of this one time, Chris and I were in Hawaii and we went swimming in the ocean. He’d been swimming in the ocean before, but although I love the water I’m a terrible swimmer and had never swum in the ocean before.

The saltiness of the water stung my eyes but the real problem was the waves. I’d get in the water, bob around, paddle a little and then WHAM i’d get hit by the wave. I’d thrash around, scramble to get my footing, rub my eyes, catch my breath, get calm and start to paddle around again. Then WHAM another wave. It surprised me EVERY TIME.

I wonder if I’ll get better at anticipating getting knocked over. I can’t even hope I’ll get better at not getting knocked over.

One thought on “Surprises

  1. I am in one of those groups the girl woiutht kids when most of her friends are having them.A couple things I would say is let your friends know you still want to hang out. I think it has made me feel awkward not knowing if my pregnant friends are comfortable going out for drinks when they’re not drinking (they are!), or how much they feel like doing pregnant (how late they want to be out, what kinds of things they’re up for). So, start by initiating!Obviously, your life will change in a drastic way, but I think it’s important to let your friends know you still value them and respect the relationship, by not talking babies 24/7 and staying involved in their lives (their hobbies, priorities, work, etc). Maybe this goes woiutht saying, and I don’t personally have any friends that do this, but I do know some people who cannot stop talking about their kids ever, and I think that becomes a big turn off after a while.Since getting married, I’ve noticed that my relationship with a few single girl friends has changed significantly, and some didn’t change a bit. I’d guess it will be the same for you!I wish more of my friends with kids would talk about this stuff!