When I started this blog 14 years ago. Chris had told me about this new thing called web log, shortened to “blog.”

there were platforms for it, you didn’t have to code your own page (which intimidated me.)

I was intrigued. I decided I would do it if the right name were available on Blogger


It was! So I started.

And it’s been going.

I kinda meant it to be like a superhero…Wonder Woman

And yet it was perfect in many ways. It has perfectly evolved to be about wonder, the verb.

I like to wonder. And every post on this blog is the acto f me wondering about something through the medium of writing.

It’s more fun to wonder. I think most people prefer to examine their life and wonder at it.

Then again, maybe some don’t.

I guess the people who don’t enjoy wondering about life are not going to enjoy this blog.

This is not a blog of listicles.

I don’t work that way.

For my wonder tribe, thats just fine.

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