The right map makes all the difference

I just got back from my vacation to Germany.

Chris had never been on a driving tour of a foreign country. I told him, “You know we are going to fight over the map.”

Peaceful, considerate man that he is, he said, “why? I don’t want to fight with you.”

I said, “Trust me. Driving in a foriegn country means that you will have a fight while driving. It may mean that you fight the entire time you are driving.”

He is a good man. We really didn’t fight that much. Yes, there were the moments of tension when the directions we were given ceased to bear any relationship to the signs posted.

We made it through okay, and I think it is due in large part to the superior map we had. I recommend this one.

Michelin Germany/Austria/Benelux/Switzerland/Czech Republic Atlas
by Michelin Travel Publications, Michelin

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