Karate Kid

You know, I had always thought I’d seen Karate Kid. But I’d never seen it, really. I’d only seen Karate Kid 2. They play the last minute of the first movie in the sequel, so I thought I’d seen it when I hadnt.

Where did Ralph Macchio go? He is SO cute in this movie. Oh my god. I felt 14 years old, I swear. All googly and crushy at this boy.

I had to google him to find out what’s he’s up to. Well, to be honest, I wanted to find a more recent photo. He’s 41 now, and I really thought I’d like to see how he matured. Mabye he’s even cuter now, with a little more experience.

I couldn’t find any older pictures of him. Too bad, i’m pretty sure he’s aged well.

The movie is so familiar to so many people. I mean, how else could I have THOUGHT i’d seen it when I hadn’t? But I was totally taken in.

Yeah, it’s about Karate and kicking the ass of the high school rich bully. Which was great, don’t get me wrong. OH my god, though, it is still a major chick flick. Just the way he treats his girlfriend…And the way he folds her into a hug..MMmmm…

I’m gonna watch it again.

Oh, I shouldn’t forget to mention the Soundtrack. It is a total 80s time capsule. Some good songs on there.