An Award for acting

I just heard on NPR this morning about a woman who was trying to save her sons from Saddam Hussien.

It’s just like Anne Frank, really. Except the guys make it.

This mother of her two sons put on a huge act for the soldiers who came to her house to arrest her sons She would demand to know where they were.

Of course, she knew they were right upstairs. All the soldiers had to do was go look. But she acted so convincingly that the soldiers never did seach.

Eventually, she went down to THEIR station to demand to know where they were.

To get rid of her, they finally told her that the men had been executed.

For 20 years, these men did not leave their home’s upstairs. Two decades.

What a mother~! She saved her sons.

NPR interviewed the sons and the mother. The mother told them it was difficult to act for the soldiers when she knew they could put her to death.

But she also said she was pretty good at acting.

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