why we became fat

Okay…I’ve been watching the show Mad Men. I’m loving how carefully they recreate the attitude of the early 60s.

And the clothes! Oh my gosh.

I love those clothes the ladies used to wear. They were so fitted and constructed.

There was a lot of architecture that went into a simple wool suit. And the underclothing they used to wear!

it was not comfortable, though. I mean, there was a reason that women burned their bras a few years later.

But it wasn’t just bras. We still wear bras now.

But we don’t wear the slips and camisoles and garters that were the uniform then.

and don’t forget:


I have never worn a girdle. I don’t think I’ve even ever SEEN a girdle. But I have heard stories.

These massively tight full-bum tourniquets that melded two cheeks into one derriere unit–those were worn every single day by women young and old.

thank god we are free from these.

But then I started thinking…America has recently been complaining about the obesity epidemic.

We were not so fat in the 60s.

I bet when we lost the girdle, we lost a bit of internal restraint.

When you’re wearing very tight elastic panties..WITH LEGS..you probably notice a lot sooner if you’ve gained a pound.

Who needs a scale if all day, every day, you are feeling the red welts of a too-tight girdle reminding you not to have a second bon-bon?

there is a connection…

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