what a wonderful world

well, I’ve had lots of great thoughts that I wanted to put up on this blog over this last week and weekend.

But I’ve been working REALLY REALLY hard. And not getting much sleep.

“what has murphy been working on?”

well you might ask. You might ask. You didn’t, but I will tell you anyway.

There is a mighty website going to launch today. My nerd quotient had increased exponentially–LITERALLY EXPONENTIALLY–as i learned what i needed to learn to make it work.


it will be up by the end of the day, if I have to pull the last few to-do items out of the mud on my own back.

but it will be up.


you can check it here

yes, okay. So that is what I’ve been doing instead of posting. Or sleeping. Or even bathing as frequently as is my custom.


But today, since I’m pretty much done with the herculean site raising, and since I’ve not quite gotten enough sleep, and also since my big curly brain is throbbing, I kinda feel like I’m in a stream of subconcious.

you know that feeling inbetween snooze button clicks? when you are likely to board any train of thought that passes by?

it’s all fine and good until I open my mouth. The censor is not at the gate, and inhibitions are down.

woo hoo! I ‘m happy!

…but still…perhaps i should stay in my cube and work on solitary projects today…