the power to annoy

So today, I had to work in a different station.

Two of us four were out. So i had to go up front and interact with the customers and my one co-worker.

Customers, I don’t mind. My co-worker I don’ t mind either, but he may not feel the same way.

See, I know this. I know this about myself. It is kind of a dangerous thing to leave me alone with someone for a long period of time. I know this, and yet it is very very hard to change the course of events.

Because eventually something is going to come out of my mouth. I don’t know what I’m going to say. I start out in perfect peace and quiet, but eventually something is going to fall out of my mouth.

I’ve heard the maxim ‘Never discuss politics or religion.’ I don’t think that is true anymore, but even so, I’m not likely to bring those two up.

I don’t know what I will bring up. My head has a stream of thoughts running through it constantly.

And it seems unfriendly to just not talk for hours at a time. isn’t a little light conversation a happy thing?

Of course, one person’s ‘light’ is another person’s collapsing black hole.

I know this. I know this. But I can’t help it. And there is a part of me that feels like talking about what’s running through my mind is a sort of conversational largesse.

Is it fair that I have a thousand interesting topics that spring to mind when a bit of conversation would be nice, while others have such a poverty?

How often must we discuss the same worn-out topics? Lunch? The weather? Traffic? please. I can do better than that.

So today, we talked about:

* Reforming Mexico
* the realism or lack thereof of the hollywood standards for beauty
* How the public’s taste in female buttocks moved from flat to big over the span of the 80’s to the 2000’s
* whether people would accept an ugly movie star
* Plastic surgery
* the pain of adolescense and the cause of anoroxia
=who has is worse? boys or girls?
* how women are percieved in society
* Prices of houses in Hawaii

Now frankly, I knew I’d been holding forth for a while. I wanted to try to lighten it up.

so I said, “OK if you were an orphan, would you be more interested in finding your mother or your father?”

“I don’t know. Both.”

“Okay, because I was watching a show about Star Wars, and I realized Luke didn’t give a crap about his mom. He was all about his father.”

So we talk about this for a while, me thinking that this is about as shallow a topic as any I could encounter. Which is higher, a Jedi or royalty, etc. Until he says:

“STOP! You are NOT going to spoil this movie for me! I LOVE STAR WARS! JUST STOP IT.”

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