while we are on the subject

In a recent post, i was whining about how hard it is to write about inspiration….about how hard it is to be believable with good news.

i said you had to die or no one would believe you.

But that brought to mind something else.

The greeks, those old drama queens, had strict definitions of tragedy and comedy.

Tragedy pretty much HAD to end in someone dying. Because…well, come on! it has to be SAD.

But that made me remember the definition of comedy…It ends in a marriage:

final scene, in which the predominant note is rejoicing, generally leading up to a feast or wedding. The play may conclude with a cordax or riotous dance.

so…if you look at it THAT way…there are a TON TON TON of happy movies that involve love.

Just because I don’t find them believable doesn’t mean that others are drawn in. Romantic movies–comedies and tragedies–are ALL OVER.

so, I guess we believe in the transcendance of love.

…i just wish that it were broader than mere romantic or sexual love…