My darling child is learning to let me sleep

An undeserved boon; she has the right to demand feedings every three hours, but she has started to sleep for four hours during the night.

This morning, she lay awake and made little cooing noises from about 7 to 8, which I managed to sleep through,and then ate for an HOUR. VERY polite of her, and I am surprised her little tummy could actually take that much food in.

She is growing fast.

Here is an encore of cuteness:

2 thoughts on “My darling child is learning to let me sleep

  1. Good going lisa. I,m proud of your mothering skills through this tough but getting better time. love Dad

  2. Oh, Veronica is such a sweet, adorable, baby! I’m going to take advantage of my unemployment and visit you soon! :)Amy