So I’ve been on ‘leave’ for two months now. The first month was spent incapacitated by a large internal parasite which left me very weak and incapable. The second month has been spent caring for that now emerged parasite.

Which meant I couldn’t *do* much about the state of my home.

My laptop is sort of perched on the filing cabinet in a room I have termed the wreck room because it’s such a mess. My clothes, jewelry books and computer are stored here, and it’s an unholy pile.

I would like to clean things up. I have been thinking and resenting this pile of mess for the last two months but did not have the resources to do anything about it.

My clothing, and i do love a well put together outfit, has become an albatross. About 8 months ago I started piling up the clothes that I wouldn’t be wearing for a while into separate bins. Why waste space on my cute jeans that wouldn’t fit my pregnant butt for the next 7 months and THEN SOME?

But now I”m packing away the maternity clothes, and still don’t fit the other clothes. And the weight of these possessions has become a burden. I am tempted to throw EVERYTHING away.


…and I haven’t even started on the books.