upped the ante

sitting here watching the 400,000 rerun of Law & Order, the thgought thatĀ things are never going to be easy again entered my mind.

Naturally, I cannot help but see all the projects I’ve left unfinished and all the things I’d like to organize. Which I cannot finish or organize right now. I thought “Things that get put down in a place where they don’t belong are probably going to stay in that place for…years.”

Naturally, that made me get up and start putting things away.

I have to remember, things are changing. But in all directions.

I actually got Veronica to hang out in a Snugli today. Mostly, I think it had to do with my strength. I finally had the ability to carry her and do other things. It is very freeing. I even trimmed a bush out front that has been bugging me since before Christmas.

Maybe things won’t go entirely to chaos.

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