no place for self-pity

I have been battling with self-pity this weekend–this week really. See, I have REALLY GOOD REASONS to feel put upon.

I have been put upon. Isn’t that  good reason to feel frustrated and sorry for myself?

except upon further reflection, I realize

there are never good reasons to feel sorry for myself.

What purpose does it serve? Is it a pain that indicates a needed change in behavior? Then okay, change the behavior. It is only an indicator.

And if the change takes time to implement, the throb should be endured with courage and fortitude, not



Because it is an action. I don’t need to be afraid. Afraid is for cowards

Cowards feel very sorry for themselves. I dont want to have something in common with cowardice.

No, it is hard. It is a struggle. But self-pity never did nobody any good.  And it is not something I should indulge in


That is not the point. THe point is always, what am I going to do about it?

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