gotta find time to have that fight

Chris and I have been having a fight for about a month. Give or take 5…

See, I don’t think I should have to wash the bottles all the time.

And HE doesnt’ think I adequately appreciate or realize what he does at home while I am away at work all day.

These fights seem most important around bedtime, that long GO the F TO SLEEP portion of the day. The duties that must be completed between 8:30 and 10:30 at night are particularly onerous, and when it comes to that total failure in parenting that is driving child around in the car to sleep, there is not margin for error.

Would I like to scream and curse that I have to get up at five and how dare you walk out of the room saying “do whatever you want…”..?

yes. Yes i would. But i have to keep my voice low and soothing because little pitchers have big ears and no action of mine will be the one to delay the much anticipated moment of sleep.

So i do not curse. And I do, and he does, what it takes to get her to sleep.

And then we do what it takes to get us to sleep.

Which is NOT to have that fight at 11 pm at night.

And then the morning begins–mine with an alarm clock and his with the noises of a waking child.

And the next day is off to a galloping start, which includes work, clothes, eating, food, laundry, walking the dog, and THEN the hour of

Go the F to Sleep


and then it starts all over…we don’t have time to finish this fight. Because I would rather lose all sleep altogether than have this fight.

but you can’t put these things off forever. This is modern marriage. Let’s make an appointment to finish this fight already. I promise I won’t call you names if you promise to compromise