Daddy Dale

There was a free concert at Griffith Park yesterday. Surf Music! And they had the surf music God:
Dick Dale.

I have wanted to hear this guy for a long time. I guess he is not quite as well known outside of california. I certainly hadn’t heard of him til I moved here.

But he rips a guitar to shreds. He can play more notes in a shorter span of time than anyone I have ever heard. The energy! Wow!

So the concert was Free, all the more amazing. There were other acts, but I wanted to hear Dick Dale. Surprisingly, it was not too loud. I hate it when concerts are so loud that the sounds gets really distorted.

This was just the right amount of sound. He was great great great.

And he was getting old.

Many great rockers are.

Dale had the old rocker gray ponytail.

At first, he ripped through a lot of his classics. His backup band was also hugely energetic, and they bounced all over the stage.

He even was playing the guitar with drumsticks, with all the speed he had before. I couldn’t tell you how, you would have had to see it.

Then, some things changed. Dick Dale brought a musical guest on stage:

Jimmy Dale.

That’s right, Dick Dale’s 11 year old son got on stage and played with his dad. They play exactly alike! And Daddy was so proud! I’m not sure if this was Jimmy’s first concert or not, but he did better than most professional musicians I’ve seen.

An 11 year old kid! He ripped out his dad’s songs just like his dad.

It was so great. Really! I felt like we were sitting in their living room, hearing the two jam.

I would watch for Jimmy Dale. He’s already composing, even. I sure hope he gets a chance to make his mark. He deserves it.

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