Train _My Private Nation_

Once again, I am blown away by Train. These guys consistently put out albums that are good to the last drop.

I like Pat Monahan’s vocals. They are textured enough to keep my interest, and very singalong-able.

The music is catchy, and there is a lot of range. Energetic songs, slow depressing songs, and things in between.

The lyrics have good hooks, but they are abstract and intelligent. Wow! I love that about them. Every song on this album is a collaboration, usually involving almost everybody in the writing process.

That’s a sign of a tight band, they work together to create. I think that’s a sign that they will probably not split off into separate acts. I sure hope not, because I love their sound.

Well, I could say things about this specific album. But I think I can suffice to say that it is consistently good, like their other albums. It was not a disappointed at all, and I liked their other albums a lot.

One thought on “Train _My Private Nation_

  1. I have been impressed listening to “Calling all
    Angels” by Train and it being so privey to the times. Which is like you said, “abstract and intelligent” and important!
    Do you have any connection to these guys or know
    of a way that I could e-mail them in person?
    I believe they are thinking and need to be
    encouraged to continue to stir peoples deeper
    please respond to me with a contact if you
    have one.
    kathryn Fairbanks