Alaska – Flying (5)

It was kind of nice, leaving so late in the day. We had all day to finalize packing, etc. The plants were well watered and we changed the bed and everything so it would be nice to come home to.

We went to the store to buy food for the plane, because they don’t feed you anymore. We had books, and I charged up the iPod with some Chris music in case he needed some tunes.

It was HELLISHLY hot, of course, which left us with a problem. We wanted to wear minimal clothing where we were, but where we were going required long pants and sweaters.

So we changed at the last minute before leaving. Chris’s mom took us to the airport, very nice of her.

Things I forgot, and remembered almost immediately:

*my water bottle
*my iPod
*my current book

Too late! I would have to buy some water at the airport and my pod would get the charging of its life. I always have multiple books, so I was covered for reading material.

I was weak as a noodle in my long pants and hundred-degree weather. But the plane let us on quickly enough. CROWDED.

Warning: Alaska airlines does not have SkyMall. I was kind of looking forward to the showcase of absurd gadgetry. But no.

Chris sat by the window and deciphered all the freeways for me. I was still noodlish, and could only pay attention for short periods. He was rapt.

I sat back and snoozed til we landed in Seattle.

One thought on “Alaska – Flying (5)

  1. Dear Lisa,

    I see you are well trained in travel prep! I love the phrase “absurd gadgetry”! You make the trip come so alive. I love you, Mom