Alaska trip–before it begins (2)

We had the frequent flyer miles and I was set to go over the summer solstice. THAT was the auspious time to go. One thing I remember fondly in the lack of night in the summer. Days that stretched into each other with no night.

The frequentl flyer staff were pretty good. They gave us a long layover—practically two days!—in Juneau. I liked that idea! I didn’t know Juneau at all, so that would be a new thing for me too. The downside was, the flights were very redeye. But hey, we adventurous travelers. We could handle that.

We landed in Anchorage at 2 am. And then they changed the flights, and it was 2:30 am.

“Don’t worry!” I told Chris. “It will not be dark.”

His logistical nature was kicking in, thought. Would the car rental place be open at 2:30? And if we were landing at 2:30, it would not be worth our money to get a hotel for that night. We’d just have to rough it through until we could check in for the next night.

Same thing on the return trip from Juneau. We left at practically midnight.

His verdict: “I guess we’ll save money on not having a hotel room for the first and the last nights.”