Alaska- in the woods (15)

I had wanted to show Chris the Thunderbird Falls on the way to Wasilla. I had planned it as part of what we would do to kill the time until our hotel was available.

I saw the exit for Thunderbird Falls. “Right here!” I said.

We found the Thunderbird Falls parking area pretty easily. I didn’ remember it being a state park. They were asking for 5 dollars to park there.

I was really tired at this point. And I had to pee. Well, there was an outhouse there. I walked out into the rain to use it. Much better.

Back in the car, there was no way we were going to walk up the path to the falls right then. The rain, the cold, the nausea all conspired to make me want to stop driving and sleep.

“Can’t we stop here? I need to shut my eyes.”

“But we’d have to pay!” Chris said. “Let’s just go on to Wasilla.”

… …

“Boy, I wish we had gotten that hotel room in Anchorage.”