Alaska- Breakfast at 3:30 am(11)

It was raining, and I was getting tired now. I told Chris as much. He was tired too.

“How about we go find a Denny’s and have some breakfast and sit for a while?”

“That sounds good!”

At about 3:30 am, we pull into a very crowded parking lot at the Dimond Denny’s.

It was crowded in there. We sat to wait for a table. There were empty tables, so I figured it wouldn’t be too long. I could indulge in some people watching.

The people seemed to be mostly drunk.

Two girls and a guy were trying to leave. The guy said “We’re driving you home.”

Girl says “No! No.”

Other girl says, “No really, it’s not a problem”

Girl says “That’s ridiculous! You…You don’t even smoke!”

Guy shuffles them both out, telling the one, “Let’s go. She’s out of it.”

They were gone, and someone at the bar yells out “CAN WE PLACE OUR ORDER ALREADY? WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO GET SOME FOOD?”

Chris looked at me. “They look kind of swamped.”

I was looking a new group that had come up to settle the bill.

Everyone else was Alaska-style scruffy, but these three girls had very short skirts on and all were wearing high high high patent leather heels. These three looked like they would even fit in back in L.A.

I wondered if they were hookers. But honestly, they looked too high class even for that. High Class slutty, I mean.