Alaska- Anchorage at last (8)

Not only was the car rental place open, there was a line. Okay, one person before Chris, but still. I guess with them being the only ones open till two thirty and our big plane landing, there would be some people.

It felt pretty good to stretch my legs across the airport. I didn’t feel too tired for 2 am.

I pointed out the big stuffed bears nearby. “Chris! See! They have the big bears I was talking about. “ They were HUGE.

Chris pointed out “The card says that this one is the largest bear on record.”

“Well, I guess they would pick the big ones to stuff and show. But still! This is a warning to keep away from bears! It’s not a joke.”

The car was ready for us, and I was ready to check out the city. Chris looked at me, “Where do we go now?”

I could say whatever I wanted. I could say “Find a hotel.” But I was feeling pretty good. And I knew Chris wanted to save the money. So I said, “Let’s go find my University. We can see the city.”