Alaska- side comment (6)

Look up there. Do you see the title? it says (6).

and it starts with “Alaska-”

And yet I have not talked about my trip yet. in (5) I left us not even in SEATTLE let alone on Alaskan soil.

kind of a long drawn-out build up, huh? Well, I did tell you I was anxious to go. I’d like to pause for a moment to talk about my life NOW.

There is me with my fabulous husband:

Mr & Mrs Portrait 2

There is my cozy home:


My venerable and loving cat:


He’s thinking loving thoughts right there. You have to know him.

And my devoted dog:


Food proximity increases devotion.


Everyone knows that.

But these are the things I have now. Alaska was where I grew up. It is not where I am now.

And because I am not there, I can go back. The story will get there soon.

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