Musical re-interpretations

Last week, I got my piano moved out of the kitchen and into its home against the interior living room wall. We had to get a pro to do it, and use special weight distributing cups under the piano wheel so that this heavy thing does not leave long scars in the ancient floor wood of our living room.

I can see the whole blessed piano from the dining table and while lying down on the couch. It had a thickish coat of grimy dust on it from being so near the stove which cooks our hamurger meat. I lovingly washed it with Murphy’s Wood Soap. I needed the grease to be really cleaned off it before I got to the real prize:

Polishing the wood

I have put so much work and love into that worthless piano, and I love love love to see the wood that I uncovered by my sweat, blood and tears shine like a redeemed life. I use Solid Gold furniture polish (I would link to it, but the internet is not on speaking terms with that brand). I rubbed and shined the oily redemption on my gorgeous instrument until I could see every grainy swirl of the proud tree it once was.

I plugged the piano lamp in to shed light and stood back. Yes, that’s my piano. Beautiful. About a million years ago, when I finally put the finish coat on my piano and saw the color it became, I determined that the piano was the color that I wish my hair was: a shimmering multi-faceted auburn that licked out like flame.

Maybe I was high from the fumes of the chemicals. But when I put the love-polish on my instrument, it ignites the flame every time.

THEN I found my fake book and played a few tunes. My fingers were weak from not playing since…oh…forever or February, which is when we refinished the floors in the house and when it was relagated to the kitchen. The piano also needs a tuning. Middle ‘D’ is quite dissonant. Hard to avoid middle ‘D’. It’s a popular and useful key.

I’ve been longing to play my piano, and I spent some time on it. I think I’ll try to at least touch the keys every day. Making music is a joy that I should not neglect. Since Chris has his finished office now, I can play and make mistakes without bothering anyone.

I like to play and sing. One thing I enjoy doing is taking a well-known song and reinterpreting it to my own style.

I just heard a great duet reinterpretation, and I’ll share it all with you here:

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