McCain could learn from McKinley

There is a precedent of president’s whose last name begins with ‘Mc’: McKinley was elected in 1897

McKinley is best known to me for having a mountain misnamed after him. That big ol’ alaskan mountain, you know.

And McCain has an alaskan running mate, you know.

But McKinley is also known for being killed in office. He died early. And his VP Teddy Roosevelt, was touted as being inexperienced. But McCain has said in speeches that he admired Teddy Roosevelt.

I’d just like to say, McCain. Take your vitamins and keep your eye out. We wouldn’t want anything to happen to the POTUS.

Obama must overcome the vowel ending barrier

So, Barack Obama has a unique name in the ranks of presidents. He has said “I don’t look like other presidents”

But I the fact is, there has not been a president in living memory whose name ends in a vowel.

Perhaps americans like the security of names which end in the finality of a consonant. It’s reassuring.

Excepting the ‘sometimes y’ from vowel status, the last president with a vowel at the end of their last name was Coolidge.

But let’s be honest, that is a SILENT vowel. There is only one president whose name truly in a vowel sound:

Monroe: elected in 1817, he is the lone vowel ending president.

I’m not sure Obama will be able to face the challenge.